The Future Needs Visionaries. #7 #cong16

By Theresa Rock.

Theresa Rock #7 Sharing your Visionary

3 steps to sharing your visionary message.

The world needs more visionaries who are willing to share their message with the world. The visionaries of our time are the ones who are willing to put themselves on the line by publicly questioning and challenging the status quo. 

So many people have a powerful message to share – people that are standing up for the truth and sharing it.

These courageous individuals are planting the seeds of change for our future. They are determined to play their vital part in bringing about world change. Yet with so many great ideas that can bring around real change, they are often overwhelmed. They have all those ideas in their heart and head but they’ve no idea how to put it all into words. 

“Where do I start? What do I say? How do I get people to listen, to ‘get’ me?”

With nobody to guide them, they often fall short of sharing their message, as they simply don’t know how to deliver it with impact, so they give up. They blame themselves and assume they’ve gotten it wrong, when very often it was simply a case of poor delivery of a powerful message.

Theresa Rock #7 The World Is Changing And It's A Beautiful Thing

We all know that having a message isn’t much good if we simply keep it to ourselves. Our message only becomes powerful when we chose to share it with the world.

Visionaries are helping people to see the world in a new light, to wake up to their truth and to break free from the rules we have become so accustomed to. They recognise that the old world is dying and it’s a beautiful thing. They are doing this by writing and speaking from the heart. They are being honest, open and vulnerable. And that’s what people are drawn to. Because when you share your message from the heart, people connect.

Here are the 3 main strengths needed to share your message, so that people sit up and listen.


Gain clarity on what your message is and the impact you want to have. By getting specific with what you want to say and who you want to reach, you will reach the right people and get a powerful response. This in turn will keep you sharing your message as you build confidence, momentum and a lasting relationship with your followers. 


This is about seeing past the fears and doubts that come with stepping up to share your message. It’s about choosing to share, even when you feel anxious, even when you get criticised; because your message matters more than those feelings. Your message is greater than you and it’s needed to help others. 


More than ever, people crave connection. When you share your message with honesty and openness, people are drawn in to what you have to say.

Most of us have been taught old school techniques to communicate our message and it’s simply turning people off. Instead when we communicate our message using our own individual style (which everyone has), our audience becomes aligned to our truth. This is about communicating from the heart in a conversational way that people can relate to.

Simplicity is powerful.

When we share our message with simplicity and honesty, we open hearts. We change people’s perceptions of what really matters in life. We break down walls and barriers. 

We wake up to why we are really here – to share our message with love and conviction and to take responsibility for the skills and gifts we have by using them to bring about the joy and growth we dream of creating in this world. Because we’re not here to make up the numbers – there’s more to us than that.

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