Musing of a Marketer at the Close of 2013. #57

By David Glynn.

It’s easy to be  feeling fraught  as the modern marketer must be an expert in producing quality content, a social media guru, a PR genius, a ninja in SEO, PPC, email marketing, advert design, radio adverts & video production. 

Don’t get me wrong I am a complete marketing nerd and to give you an example last night on The Late Late watching the cast of Anchor Man wear the Irish Soccer jerseys my reaction was oh to be a marketer with 3 Mobile and the possibilities it extended to have world stars wearing your logo on their chests. 

A few thoughts of wisdom that I learnt this year: 

On your website:

  • Remember your customers probably don’t work in your industry so try and speak without industry language and make all booking processes seamless. 
  • Remember you have about 10 seconds before they move on to the next website.
  • Have your contact details or a contact form easily visible on your website.
  • Mobiles are everywhere so it simply has to be responsive and work seamlessly.
  • Google analytics are amazing so no excuses for not knowing your customer and their journey on your website.
  • Know your customer segments  therefore send timely marketing messages that are relevant to them.
  • Make your marketing messages clear and simple so there are clear call to actions.
  • My new year’s resolution is to stop using stock images and use real life customers & staff photos. I hope you remind me if I break this in 2014 as it requires more thought and obviously permission to create campaigns without the crutch of stock images.
  • Decide what channels of Social Media suit your business and don’t waste time on them all better to do 2 well than several. 
  •  Encourage customer to like you on Face book, follow you on Twitter but reward them with special offers and promotions.
  • Promote these channels within your business as nothing looks as good as customers using social media while in your business so their friends see your melt in the mouth banoffi pie and hot chocolate.
  •  Your customers are your ambassadors and they will refer new customers to you whether they know it or not so be good to them. It’s easier to retain a customer than find a new one.


Ask your staff for their feedback and opinions regularly.

They are on the frontline serving your customer’s needs and wants.

Offline to Online.

Our website has increased in traffic year on year but this is also due to a lot of offline marketing which can’t be forgotten about in this social age. 

For example this week we have competitions in the Buy and Sell Magazine & the Christmas RTE Guide but we have shared the competitions online via Social Media therefore extending the reach.

Online reputation management is critical nowadays. 

We need to ensure guests receive excellent service so that they leave positive Trip advisor comments. 

A lot of our time now involves dealing with 3rd party booking engines that takes bookings away from your own website and result in high commissions for the hotel.

It is important that a Hotel protects its own name against bidding which is difficult given the large ad spend of these companies.

Another internet phenomenon is the Flash Sale where the customer can purchase discounted rooms in a 24 hour period.

The downside is that it’s difficult to make any profit from the sales due to the low cost but it is possible to gain large exposure for your brand.

However we have seen positives this year as we have got many customers to contact the hotel first enabling us to get them book direct and avoid large commission.


Our Twitter account @mcwilliamph has allowed us to build relationships with journalists from National newspapers and radio including stations. 

We have even had successful radio interviews with shows such as The Right Hook on Newstalk and The Sunday Business Show on Today FM. 

I like Twitter’s conversational nature and am guilty of talking about my passions for running and rugby especially at the weekend.

Last February we issued our own Promissory Note as a deal was reached with Europe. Our note had good value deals at the hotel and was picked up on twitter by journalists.


We have been able to tweet photos of our Easter bunny on tour, Santa’s sleigh and his helpers on tour. 

These photos were tweeted to press and media while on the go and a selection are available to see on  Facebook.

This year we have been closely trying to get proficient in 'News Jacking’.

davidglynnbaby image#57


Events such as the birth of the Royal baby were quickly adapted to advertise our christening packages and the Forbes announcement was adapted to say “McWilliam Park Hotel was the best place to stay.


To finish.

  • Marketing is evolving at a tremendous pace and is exciting.
  • To me the biggest challenge is where to find your customers and tell them your message. 

For example, using radio to get your name out there, while also ensuring that your business appears when people search for it online.

Here some of our radio adverts here

One last tale.

Lastly one brilliant example I must share with you. 

2 colleagues were discussing where to bring young families for a few days break away. 

One of my colleagues gave a glowing report of a hotel he stayed in last week so much so that his colleague immediately contacted them by telephone to make a booking.

Easiest sale ever?

No the phone went unanswered and on the 3rd attempt my colleague went else where 

Potential Lifetime customer gone 

Has this happened in your business?

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