#congbookclub. How to Make Powerful Speeches by Eamon O’Brien. Review #1. 

As a follow up to Congregation we have kicked off a book sharing club.  This is the first review of one of the books that are being shared under #congbookclub and I am really looking forward to many more.  

Book: How to Make Powerful Speeches by Eamon O'Brien

Reviewer: Eoin Kennedy

Insightful business books always end up on my to do list, which lingers guiltily on my conscience.  However when I got a review copy of Eamon O’Briens 'How To Make Powerful Speeches' I actually had an important talk to give so my focus was better than normal.  I do a good bit of public speaking and lecturing and never feel fully comfortable so I was really looking forward to some new insights and structure.

How to make powerful speeches.  Eamon O'Brien

Familiarity breeds contempt and this is certainly true with public speaking - you pick up lots of bad habits, forget about using structure, stop obeying common sense processes and work in a vacuum.  This is where this book excels.  Its well laid out, with nice examples and a good chapter sectioning making it easy to speed read and giving an ability to jump to chapters you particularly need.

It utilises interesting examples from great speakers some from recent history such as Barak Obama but many are rooted in ancient greek civilisation - the mother of public speaking.

I found this book to be:

  • Well structured - easy to thumb through and a good reference tool for future.
  • Nicely punctuated with bullet points, along with clever summary navigation that makes its simple to jump into stand alone sections.
  • Plenty of guided lists and actual advice rather than just commentary.

Visually this book has a deceptively simple layout with very few visuals but the font, word density and overall visual layout works.

There is huge amount of clever thinking in the book for the beginner but even more for the seasoned professional who needs to take a fresh look at the public speaking.  I could feel myself nodding at some of the recommendations that I actual use and equally cringing at some of the faux pas that I have also committed.

Whether it was a result of Eamon’s advice or just thinking more carefully about the elements involved I now have a cracker opening for my next talk.  

A book worth keeping on the shelf.

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