The Future of Play. #76 #cong16

By Sabina Bonnici.

"How we play is related, in myriad ways, to our core sense of self. Play is an exercise in self-definition; it reveals what we choose to do, not what we have to do. We not only play because we are. We play the way we are. And the ways we could be." (Psychology Today)

IMAGE: PlayTheFuture.jpg (Image credit: Design Academy Eindhoven)

So when it comes to future of play, what's in store? Technology allows us to delve much deeper than ever before into 'the way we are' and the 'way we could be' and as a result, the options for what we'll play are becoming limitless.

To begin with, let's play a little game to see if it's child's or adult play that you're most drawn to.

Pick a number between 1 and 10...

If you picked an even number, read this.  

If you picked an odd number, read this. 

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