The future isn't virtual - or is it? #50 #cong16

By Paul O’Mahony.

The future is already virtual in my book. 

I'm not into VR or SL - yet - but my 11 year old daughter got wildly keen on Google Cardboard. It was hard to prise off her.

But - like all of us at #Cong16 - I am a virtual being. 

People know me virtually. People construct their personal image of me as a result of digitally communicating with me - and never meeting me face-to-face. 

Some are virtually in love with me. Some have me on a pedestal - others have virtually murdered me. There are many for whom I am their Gerry Springer. 

It never used to be like this. 

I used to be unknown except to the few who met me face-to-face, and as pen friends, as a landline voice.

I used to be analogue man. Now I'm a digital algorithm - maybe even a bot. 

Uncomfortable loss of flesh & blood. Excited splurge of imagination.

As we virtually communicate: 

  1. A child is in tears because her cat has died overnight. 
  2. A lover is in bits because his mott has changed her status. 
  3. Parents are bawling out their kids because they're being ignored - in favour of a BFF in Donegal whose 'real' name no one knows. 


No more 'real' conversation - no more family life - the Tribe is winning. 

All we need to do is outsource childcare to 'intelligent' robots. 

Virtual nightmare.

Intercourse by sexting. Face-to-face impotence & frigidity…

The gauntlet has already been thrown down by the gods of Software.

So - how virtual will your future be? 

The End

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