Dream? or Awaken #10 #cong17

By Carol Passemard.

Carol Passemard #10 dream or awaken

Who looks outside, dreams. 

Who looks inside, awakens.

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Why are Carl Jung’s words important to those who are passionate about innovation and want to create something new?

Innovation often starts with an idea – a dream.  In order for it to become a reality, something that can be useful to others and possibly make you money, there are a few things you may consider.

Are you ready to wake up and take a look inside yourself?  Do you have the tools and skills in your toolbox to take your dream to the next stage?

4 tools that may be helpful:

  1. Belief in yourself and commitment to do whatever it takes
  2. Planning
  3. Patience
  4. Flexibility

1. Belief in yourself and Commitment to do whatever it takes

Innovative dreams can often be put on the backburner, left on the long finger, or be forgotten because you do not believe enough in yourself.  Excuses get in the way as you have so many other things going on in your life.  It may be that you are not sure exactly whether you really have the ability to see your dream through to the end.   Then suddenly you notice that someone else has launched an innovative idea that was so close to what you had thought of all those months ago!  Leaving you deflated and full of – ‘If only, I wish…..’   Do you take action for the next time or do you tend to listen to all those who say ‘it can’t be done’?

Edison was an inventor of many things including the light bulb that we take for granted these days.  He was passionate about innovation.  In 1878 he began working on a system of electrical illumination for indoor use.   He wanted to create a bulb that was long lasting, would use a low amount of current and would be of high resistance.  It took many experimental bulbs before he finally had his first successful test on October 22nd 1879.

2. Planning

Continuing with the example of Edison.  He kept careful records and built a research and development lab called Menlo Park in New Jersey to continue his innovation.  Planning was a critical part of Edison’s success.

3. Patience

It is inevitable that there will be obstacles along the way and things may not always work out quite as you expect.  Patience is crucial as you hit these obstacles and you work your way around them to find other solutions and opportunities.

4. Flexibility

As mentioned above obstacles may arise on your journey towards a successful outcome.  Being flexible is useful although you do need to be mindful as to how flexible you are prepared to be in order to achieve the outcome you want.  Ensure that it doesn’t become an excuse as to why you haven’t succeeded yet.

How can you use these tools to turn your dream into a reality?

Sometimes people come up with a totally different result than the one they first set out to achieve.  So long as you are within the parameters and boundaries you set yourself that’s fine and exciting.  However you do need to assess whether you are being too flexible.  This can cause expense and other requirements you may not have available.

Being patient with yourself is important for your own wellbeing.  It will help you sleep.  Make sure you feed yourself and take regular exercise.  Leading as normal a life as possible will conserve your abilities and talent and give you the opportunity to be more successful.

Knowing how to plan and having SMART goals will help you as you record and track your findings.  You will be able to develop a critical path plan towards making your dream a reality.  Ensuring you set milestones along the way so you can make decisions on whether to proceed – dependent on finances, or any changes you may choose to make.

You should take the positive learnings from every mistake or obstacle you encounter, recording them and learning along the way.

Having commitment to do whatever it takes means that you will not just start a project you will be able to see it through to completion and importantly, should it be going nowhere know when to stop.

When you believe in yourself it will give you the motivation and determination to drive you through to a successful outcome.  It will help you to maintain your sense of humor, to interact with others who may assist you along the way to your journey’s end and to keep some balance in your life.

Just suppose..

..you follow Carl Jung’s words and choose to work with these tools as you embark on your dream to be a successful innovator.


..you will have created something special and useful that could bring you fame and even fortune.

And most of all you will have awoken something inside you that will be valuable to you for the rest of your life.

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