Technology is Answering Faster but are we Asking the Right Questions? #80 #cong16

By Roisin Markham.

What are the questions you are asking technology?

Pepper tell me about...

Alexa run my playlist

Google - the most searchers for questions

And once you start googling the most frequently asked questions it's a slippery slope down hill

How do I find?

Where do I eat?

Are you a omnichannel diva? Or only use incognito or Linux?

What are you asking technology to do these days? The experience of well designed apps and slick UX entices us away from our laptops.  We search for better working tools and don't find them. We revert to 20 year old packages sized through worlds of marketing. I'm typing this in notes on my mobile? Is it so I'm not distracted - no it's my mobile! 

I'm using notes because that's now where I dump everything. It is simple. I type.  Is that technically writing?

So what? Technology is giving us the answers to our questions, to our better self serve options 24/7 that are more efficient then a human...

But what are we demanding of our technology? Has it solved world hunger. No.  Could it?


So why are we not?

Why are we supporting start ups on fintech and not mental health? Why are we incubating for first world problems?

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