What's in a Huddle?

Central to Congregation is the concept of a Huddle.  

A Huddle is a small grouping of people with an insight to share - in a naturally social setting.  

Each huddle will be made up of 10-12  people clustered around tables in either coffee shops, bars, restaurants and exhibition spaces all within walking distance of each other.  

Participants will be given 10-15 minutes to share their insight with 5 mins Q&A/group comment.  Everyone who attends will be allocated a speaking slot on the basis that all presenters are equal.  

Presentations can be via laptop, flip charts, project/screen, props or straight forward conversation.  After the presentation or sharing attendees will be invited to ask questions or share their own experience.  

Huddle Structure.

There will be four 60 minute sessions in total.  Two in the morning and two in the afternoon.  Groups will rotate each hour to a new venue and group composition will be alternated to ensure you meet as many new people as possible.

Huddle Introductions.

Each session has a chair who will oversee timing and introductions.  Each huddle will kick off with attendees introducing themselves via name/organisation/what you do and one social media hack.

What's a Life Hack?

A life hack is a small gem of personal or work advice you would like to share and could be linked to your blog submission.  It could be a tool, a time saving idea or creative idea you have.

Sharing via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vine etc will be encouraged.

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