Hide and Seek with Social Media. #8 #cong15

By Olivia Forde.

Olivia Forde Hide and Seek #8

Does this sound familiar to anyone here ? It’s 11.15 am on a wet and wild Sunday morning in the West of Ireland and so far I have read the following, Instagram  - Self Help Motivational Quote, Cheat Clean - Healthy Mac and Cheese recipe, Pinterest - The Standing Workout for flat abs, Your Gym Cheat Sheet, Burn Fat Build Muscle - Plyo Workout, Paleo Pumpkin Sweet Potato Custard, Twitter - When you need something healthy on the run, these fast food breakfasts are actually healthy, Try and take a buddy with you on your first run, Facebook - Green Earth Organics video, GMail - Level 1 Kettlebells Certification and a receipt for Galway Night Run registration - finally some real activity. 

I am a working mother with three young activity mad children but I think I have been struck with this Social Media disease called “Good Intentions”. As you can see from the opening paragraph there are numerous Social Media outlets fuelling this affliction, ok maybe this is an exaggerated representation of my morning but you get my drift. 

Social Media is wonderful, or at least it can be, but it can also be damaging and allows people to play “Hide and Seek” with the world - we are seeking out how to lead a healthier life through exercise , nutrition and mental health awareness but how many of us are taking action? 

It’s a bit like the chicken and egg - Social Media gives us the ideas, the inspiration and the know how, YouTube videos can lead us through a perfect HIT 15 minute workout that we can do in our own home before we whip up a green veg smoothie recipe garnered from Pinterest and then post the pics on Instagram, or as many do we can read up on all of these from the comfort of our couch with a packet of crisps and a latte. While this isn’t criminal, what about those who are suffering from mental health issues and continue in this vain and never reach out to get help, but on the other hand there are many who for them seeing that motivational quote on Instagram or that inspiring video on Facebook has been the catalyst to recovery, has been the trigger that allows this person to say to themselves “I am not alone in this and I can survive”. So, without the start on social media we might never, run that triathlon, start that Art course or reach out to/for a friend - but on the flip side we might also get so immersed in the sheer volume of information out there that we never take any action; buy the gear but never do the workout; fork out for the Nutribullet and leave it in the box - chicken and egg.

So three young activity mad children and Social Media lethargy how does that mix  you may wonder? Well thankfully my Social Media time is limited to after bedtime or while waiting in the car outside activities such as gymnastics, so while I bemoan the fact that we are playing Hide and Seek with the real world, thankfully I have not allowed it to take over my life, but am I one of the lucky ones  - or am I slowly heading down that slippery slope ? Thankfully one of the items in my email was the receipt for registration for the Galway Night Run in aid of Croi so I am still somewhat in control. Are you?

Don’t get me wrong social media is wonderful and I embrace it fully in my life and the lives of my family. I encourage the kids to watch videos on YouTube - they watch everything from how to bake a cake to how to do a handstand.The have even made their own instructional videos on baking without any prompting from me (as I am a rubbish baker) this is perfectly normal in their new world - long may the learning continue but “be careful out there”. 

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