Don’t let the gurus bring you down. #47 #cong14

By Mary Carty.

I’m fed up with gurus. Fed up with 10 top tips. Totally fed up with quick fixes that treat me like a robot. I’m fed up with ‘positive’. Not being positive meaning I must be a less effective human being. Most of all though, I’m fed up with lazy content.

I think it’s time we called halt to the “like and share” generation. Time to make marketers honestly engage with me. God knows, I have my flaws and foibles. These very same flaws connect me to countless beings across the globe all wanting to make a connection.

Social media is truly amazing. Its full potential has yet to be discovered. Sure, I use it for business and pleasure purposes and have learned much along the way. But, I can’t help feeling disappointed by the nature of the content on my feed each day. Surely social media is capable of much, much more?

I often wonder if today is the day, someone will blow my socks off. You may ask am I following the wrong people? Good question, but I really don't think so. I follow folks from all sorts of disciplines and industries.

There must be better ways of gaining my attention and appealing to my whole self. Top 10 tips don't cut it, I need something more. I need depth and character and shades of grey; discord, harmony and a touch of chaos. Some magic please, to help me stay. 

I long for companies and individuals to take a more artistic approach, take some risks with their content. Why not take me on a journey, appeal to my spirit of adventure; give me something to smile about. Make me deeply question my beliefs. Give me something to reflect upon. If you speak to me in a spirit of curiosity and wonder, I'll friend you for life. Give me a reason to listen to you, not switch off.

With all this in mind; marketers have an amazing opportunity to raise the bar. We've had enough dodgy gurus. Let’s celebrate the diversity of human thought, behaviour, learning and experience and come up with more appealing content from now on. Let's raise our expectations. It’s high time to bring on the dreaming.

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