Creating a Masterpiece Post. #29 #cong14

By Emmet McNally.

I have been working, living and breathing social media for almost a decade. I believe that the perfect post is an art that has evolved alongside the advancement of social media. My commitment to this ‘art’ has been recognised nationally and over the years I have learnt to perfect posts into engaging and memorable content. 

Here are my 5 tips for creating that perfect post.

1. Know that your audience isn’t your audience!

What makes me an avid worshiper of social media is its blatant disregard for the rules. It has managed to turn the first rule of writing on its head! Peer recommendations carry the most weight. As you draft your post, consider that your audience is not just your fans but the friends of your fans and the friends of the friends of your fans. Think about it - your fans already like you so you don’t have to do much to impress them. Shape your post into something that calls people to add you to their online world. Age and interests are likely to be similar to your fans but consider that their friends may not know anything about you. Be clever with the language that you use so that when your post is shared it still comes across as personal.

2. Stand out from the crowd

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My mother thought me that I’d never get noticed if I just followed the crowd! Her advice finds its way into point 2 - ask yourself what makes you unique and sell this in your post. If you’re struggling, adapt your tone, play around with your brand, or use an authentic voice. Make people stop what they are doing to notice you. For inspiration check out Zomato’s social media ad campaign - "two kinds of people in this world".

3. Make your headline ‘just right’

Point 3 is inspired by the story of Goldilocks: give too little info in your headline and your audience will lose interest; too much and they won’t need to click through; ‘just right’ will see your click through rate through the roof. Your headline should have a sense of urgency. More verbs and fewer nouns. It should be entertaining or educational. Attempt to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Use self-referencing language as much as is possible – “I” and “Me” typically works best. You will know the right headline when you see it. If you get stuck then link your headline to something topical in the media.

4. Play with imagery

Be creative with your imagery and remember your dimensions. This applies to advertising as much as posts. If you use a standard image in an ad you won’t get a good ROI. The less it looks like an ad the better. Do something different that gets you excited. Spotify nails down this point with this tweet. 

Use pictures of real people. People don’t care about your logo, or that your CEO shook hands with the President. When you have a conversation with someone, you look them in the eyes. Big and bright eyes draw attention. 

5. Monitor, copy and share

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Make sure you are monitoring what is going on outside of your profile so that you can stay relevant and interesting. When others hit a winner consider if you can identify why it worked for them and take the learning’s to your profile. Alternatively you could share their content. Sharing relevant and diverse content helps to put you across as open-minded and as an aggregator of multiple points of view. This helps to gain trust and respect.

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