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About Congregation

Congregation 2020 #cong20 will be a one day online 'mindmesh' designed to foster links between attendees from very diverse backgrounds and create deep discussion and dialogue. Central to the event is earned entry via a submission posted on the site in advance, the use of social venues and huddles and the serendipitous connections that form. All attendees present during the day creating a common bond that is enhanced with plenty of networking time.

The theme for 2020 is 'Society 3.0'.

Our Mission

Congregation is a knowledge exchange platform. Our mission to encourage the sharing of ideas, methodologies, techniques and industry insights that you might find useful and that you could apply be it in your personal journey or in business. We live and breath technology and ideas.

The themes and focus for Congregation

We are building a better tomorrow

  •  2013 was social media
  •  2014 evolved to digital media
  • 2015 was how technology impacts on work and personal lives.
  • 2016  broadened to ‘The Future’
  • 2017 expanded to ‘Innovation’
  • 2018 explored ‘Ideas’
  • 2019 was ‘Community’
  • 2020 is ‘Society 3.0’

Submission Guidance on ‘Society 3.0’ Theme for #cong20

Last year the theme of ‘Community’ explored perceptions and understanding of community – what it is and what they can enrich our lives.  It further broadened the discussion arena of CongRegation and attracted an even wide set of submissions and background of attendees.  In 2020 we are taking Society under the banner of ‘Society 3.0’.

We are now entering an unknown arena with rapid technology advancement, globalisation, changing politics, evolving community structure, mass communications and challenge of the establishment.  At the same time we are in danger of sleep walking into a new world without first questioning the notion of what we were and where we came from.  We are also facing real challenges with climate change, mass migration and political unrest.

Society embraces a very wide canvas and is central to who we are, how we define ourselves and what we wish to become.   By gathering people with different backgrounds, expertise, interests, age and expertise we hope to avoid group think and offer new perspectives and connections.

Firstly we are looking for people from diverse background from sociologists, technologists, start up experts, change management, innovation/disruption consultants but also psychologists, physicans, teachers, academics, business owners, politicans, researchers through to farmers, spiritual, mindfulness and healers.   The range of backgrounds means no one direction of thinking dominated.

Secondly we want people to consider society from the perspective of a blank canvas and challenge themselves.  We can define our society and the world we wish to live in.  However we need to dig deep to really understand what is happening around us, to challenge perceptions and articulate what we really want and how we wish to live.  We would like to capture the ‘I wonder if’ or ‘I wish’.  Treat CongRegation as an opportunity to scratch a mental itch.

One of the outputs of CongRegation is an eBook and the posts are the chapters in that book.

We want perspectives, stories, case studies, opinion pieces, how to’s, experience based, wish lists, academic, thought leadership looking at this area from multiple angles.

Posts could debate specific thoughts, methodologies, technologies or focus on the psychological and social aspects.

Theme Guidance
#cong20 'Society 3.0'

The Past

Where have we come from?
What has shaped us and our thinking?
What does our history tell us?
What picture does literature paint for us?
What did our society look like generations ago?
What can we take from the past into the future?
What mistakes did we make before?

The Present

What sort of world do we now live in?
What are our values?
How much does technology control or assist us?
What are our family structures like?
How do we care for the vulnerable?
How do we treat our young and old?
What do we look for in leadership?
Does our political model now work?
Can rural society be saved?

The Future

Where to from here?
What do we need to change?
What is our sense of purpose?
Who will make the changes?
How do we fit in globally?
How do we address the challenges?
How we we harness technology?

#cong20 'Society 3.0'

  • Role of women. Past and Future.  Equality.
  • Immigration. Integration, openness and issues.
  • Religion. Relevance, change, lack of priests.
  • Society structure. Hierarchy or flat.  Poor versus rich.  Common purpose.
  • Evolving Democracy. Experimentation.  Hybrid structures.
  • Commercialism.  Resources, global impact, reduced consumption.
  • Business.  Governance. Share holder value versus focus on customer and employees.  Greater good versus profit.
  • Megacities versus Countries.  Redefining of nationalism.
  • Borderless society.  Humanity versus nationalism.  Global movements and integration.
  • Intergenerational Perceptions.  Global demographic changes and values.
  • Housing: How do physically live.  House/apartment, rent/own.  Matching life stage.  High rise or rural regeneration.
  • Communication: Face to face, technology led channels.
  • Food: Changing Tastes, environmental impact, resources and ability to feed.  Rise of protein farms.
  • Family structures: Nuclear family, parenting, work/life balance
  • Architecture:  Creating new physical surrounding.  Beauty versus function.
  • Urbanisation: Move to cities and Impact on Rural Communities
  • Governance and Rule: New structures, elected and changing civil service.  Control and delivery.
  • Law and Order: Basis, fairness, justice and protection.  Role of technology.
  • Crime, punishment|rehabilitation: Eradication of crime, breaking the cycle and need for prisons.
  • The Arts, Creativity: Embracing the human spirit, unleashing potential. Performance, Painting to Literature.
  • Music: Evolution, access and performance.
  • Pay, Reward and Universal Payment.  Nature of work in technology/robot assisted future.
  • Education: Unlocking potential, teacher assisted, preparation for future roles.
  • Work, Careers: Live to work or work to live.  Multiple careers or specialisation.
  • Elderly and Young.  How we care for them.

Who we are

The people behind Congregation and the Unconference event

Congregation is a constantly evolving company that reinvents itself each year and seeks to improve its events and services. The Unconference event uses a patented methodology designed to promote inter-group interaction and group engagement.

Eoin Kennedy
Founder & CEO

Communications consultant, start up entrepreneur, lecturer and event organiser.
Eoin has represented a range of Irish and multinational organisations, established a number of technology driven start up companies and lecturered for the Dublin Business School, Irish Times, DIT, GMIT and DMI in Marketing, Digital Media and Crisis Management. He worked on the Web Summit, Predict Conference, organises the Energy Symposium, Bridge 2018 and the ICBE National Conference.

Specialties: corporate communications, media relations, crisis management, publication management, strategic communications plans, technology PR, environmental public relations, property PR, financial PR

Eoin Kennedy
Founder & CEO

We want people to paint a picture of what they believe is on the horizon in order to create rich debate and could cover:


Steps to ensure a successful submission

  • 1


    Specific submissions on narrow areas of the Society are as welcome as all incompassing coherent umbrella views. Some people will have one piece of the puzzle, others will more. Some will be data evidence driven, some gut feel, some passionate and some will be creative visions.

  • 2


    We want stories, case studies, opinion pieces, how to’s, experience based, wish lists, academic, thought leadership looking at this area from multiple angles.

  • 3

    Submit Idea

    Posts could debate specific medthologies, technologies or focus on the psychological and social aspects.

  • 4

    Knowledge Exchange Platform

    Although the theme has changed, the earning of tickets and format on the day will remain the same.

This will be the most ambitious Congregation to date.  If you are up for the challenge please help by participating early.

As per #cong19 we will ask people to reflect on what they have heard, researched, experiences to work together on a joint challenge at the end of the day.   One of the lessons from previous Congregations is that it takes time to peel back the layers of our emotional onion.  As the day progresses the conversation will naturally drift from pure innovation, to disruption, to thinking differently to finally focusing on what really matters.  The final exercise will be about harnessing what the day produces to create a collective view on Society 3.0.  To be revealed closer to the day.