Sharon Boyle | Technology is starting to scare me…


Sharon Boyle


Technology is starting to scare me…


Cutting-edge technologies have been my fascination since my early teens…ahem… let’s just say that there weren’t too many (working) touch screens around at the time. Each innovation was exciting for the possibilities that it might bring to our work and everyday lives.

Excitement wasn’t what I felt on the day I read about Deepmind’s (Google owned) AlphaGo artificial intelligence beating the world champion of the Ancient Chinese game “Go” back in 2016.

What was so spooky for someone that had embraced the internet, remote working, voice recognition and social media?..I even had road trips planned for my first self-driving car! This was no human v. computer game of chess that relies on skill and strategy. Each game of Go is unique and uses intuition to win…

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