Denis O’Hora | “I wouldn’t start from here” - Where Does Innovation Come From?



Denis O’Hora, NUIG


“I wouldn’t start from here” - Where does innovation come from?


One of my favorite stories about getting directions in rural Ireland is one in which a tourist in Connemara asks a local how to get to Letterfrack. The local replies,  “Well, I wouldn’t start from here”.

I use this story as a way to help clients realize “where they are” when they start to make a decision because, so often, we start in the wrong place. We start with embedded ideas about the decision that we are not even aware of. We lean towards doing what we’ve done before without sometimes realizing what we are ruling out. 

Our embedded assumptions that we are not even aware of get in the way of innovation. Innovation requires us to step off the well worn road that we travel everyday so automatically that we don’t even remember it.

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