Victor del Rosal: The Future of Education in a World of White-Collar Automation


The future of education in a world of white-collar automation.

Powered by advances in artificial intelligence (AI), the global supply of intelligence has increased. We now carry in our pockets devices which have the same computing power as the military-grade supercomputers of the 80s.

This computing power means that operations that used to be performed by human cognition will continue to lose value: we live in the age of automation. Think for instance of an automated fraud detection algorithm used by banks requiring minimal human input. 

As AI systems continue to evolve and become increasingly powerful, tasks which are repetitive and predictable will continue to be phased out of the economy. 

The supply of computing power will continue to increase exponentially, leading to interesting challenges in the future of work. 

One particular area of interest is: how will we prepare at school for this? What should education be like in the age of AI? What skills will be valued in the workplace? What is the future of education? 

In his submission "The future of education in a world of white-collar automation” Victor will explore these questions.

About Victor del Rosal

Victor del Rosal, M.Sc. is author of the book 'Disruption: Emerging Technologies and the Future of Work'. Founder of Emtechub, emerging technology startup and of the Emtechleaders initiative to create awareness of the 21st century skills needed in the workplace. Lecturer at the School of Computing at National College of Ireland (Dublin).

See Victor’s submission for #cong16

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