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Topic: Killing Boards

In 2000 I did a bad thing. I started a company that grabbed hold of the public space.... and privatised it.

Unlike many I didnt do this for reasons of greed or domination but to create a space which was self-sufficent, self-regulating and in some ways counter-corporate.

Corporations have grabbed the common ground. Our self expression on the internet is determined by the moral and ethical choices of the directors of those companies. Even on I instigated a "civility" requirement or posts would be deleted. From a corporate, and perhaps even personal point of view, I think that is the right call and I'm proud of the actions Boards has taken against a wide range of hate speech and simple rudeness on the internet. But corporations will decide the bounds of our future interations and I worry about that.

As a society, we should be concerned. We should be worried that corporations, already supra-national, will become the only places on which it is worthwhile speaking. But does it have to be that way? Boards was built to internally resist its own corporate "overlords". I have described that as the most anarchic thing I have ever done.

What way lies the future? In this piece I will discuss a radical vision of the future which can potentially solve the problems of privacy and corporate control, cement a more distributed internet and maybe even.... kill Facebook?

Tom’s blog buddy is Paul Killorgan.

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