Sean McGrath: A Pokemon Ate My Hamster. The future of truth.

Sean McGrath

A Pokemon Ate My Hamster. The future of truth.

Newspapers used to be a major source of "the truth" for many people. They all had biases to various degrees but there were only a handful of daily newspapers.

Today with social media we create our own news feeds which create different versions of "the truth" for each of one of us. We each create our own biased newspaper. Then recommender algorithms reinforce those biases by pointing us to new content that fits our biases.

We are doing this at a time when less and less of what is presented as news on digital media can be relied upon as truthful. Pictures, video etc. are now regularly doctored to promote a bias or provoke a click to sell an advert.

The internet is an ever escalating news exaggeration/fabrication machine, driven by an insatiable need to attract attention, that makes the paper tabloid press of old look very tame indeed.

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Sean’s blog buddy is John Wright.

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