Paul Killoran: The Human Race is Not Moving Fast Enough


Topic: The Human Race is Not Moving Fast Enough

We put people into pressurised tin cans and elevate them to 30,000 feet in cramped conditions and serve them dog food.... and then we confine them in this space for 8 hours. If you did this to animal you'd be arrested, yet we do this to humans every single day. My mother will never go visit my brother in Australia because it takes too long to get there. At the same time the International Space Station orbits the Earth 4 times a day. Going the other way.... it takes 260 days to travel to Mars. Remember when it took 3 weeks by coffin ship to reach America? In essence, we the human race are not moving fast enough.... and nobody seems to care. Velocity is related to distance and time. Acceleration is related to mass and force. Maybe we're taking the long road? Maybe we're not living long enough? Maybe we're too heavy? Maybe we need a powerful fuel source? Maybe we need less friction?

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