Padraig McKeon: Digitally mediated learning - starting with the end point.

Padraig McKeon 49

Digitally mediated learning - starting with the end point

In the past five years the options available for learning online, up to and including university level courses, have transformed as ubiquitous online access and lower cost production methods bring the power of video and audio visual technology into the home as a delivery channel for educators. 

The bigger change however is ​that driven by competition as on line education providers, particularly in the further and higher education sectors, use frames of reference from digital marketing strategy to shape and mould programmes​.  the latest on-line centric education offers are led as much by the evident needs and likes of the (potential) students as they are by any institutional sense of what represents a ​proper or complete take on a given body of content.

It poses interesting challenges to assumptions about learning and in particular whether a concept of applied learning should be more intentionally differentiated from basic or pure learning and if so whether there is a point in the learning continuum from where that concept is more sustainable.

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