Mags Amond: If TeachMeet is the answer, what is the question?

mags almond

Topic: If TeachMeet is the answer, what is the question?

TeachMeet was born in a pub in Scotland. 10 years ago. Born of a need for three humans with a common interest, who usually communicated online, to meet face to face and - well - TALK. TeachMeet organisers, attendees and presenters are all volunteers. It crosses sectors and levels of education. It has been called ‘guerilla’ Professional Development (PD), and referred to as an ‘underground revolution’. As a semi-social open form of Professional Development for teachers, by teachers, it has really mushroomed across the world (so much so that other professionals are adopting the model, and even the ‘powers that be’ have even taken an interest!). So my question is, WHY?

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