Leon Tunney-Ware: Leon Tunney: The Human Experience of the Internet.


Topic: The human experience of the internet.

The psychological effects of the digital age on the human consciousness. As a society we are responsible for the reality we create. The future of the digital age will itself create what we humans will perceive, believe and accept as a social reality, that could be classed as anti-social! 

With demographics and psychographics of everything we do intertwined in an algorithm to manifest a perception of social engagement, whereby we engage, thus creating a psychological compliance to all that follows. Without a human conscious realisation of where the digital age will psychologically take us we are placing ourselves psychologically into a virtual consciousness, whereby we will become the artificial intelligence! We could put ourselves in a position where society unconsciously allows themselves to transcend from a tangible reality to a virtual reality where we become a biological cyborg.

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