Gar Mac Críosta: The Future of Learning and the Learning of Futures

Gar Mac Críosta

Topic: The Future of Learning and the Learning of Futures

Explore the future of learning and the learning of futures (i.e. future studies). We are bringing tools for thinking about the future to the classroom, tools to look around corners and sense an unknown future. We focus on 2 dimensions, 1) IMAGINING & CREATING THE FUTURE -  telling stories about a future we would desire and figuring out  how to make that future come true 2) UNDERSTANDING & THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE we develop skills in probing and sensing to understand what forces are shaping the future and understand how to recognise and understand their impact on our lives.

MindRising is focused on building a future based on freerange Learning & building a Digtial Hedge School -We want to share our vision for a future of learning that is active, participative and immersive. Freerange learning is the merging of digital and physical realities learning in your world about your world. MindRising is  the design-based learning platform we are building to support our vision, we are  blending virtual worlds in Minecraft with Augmented Reality (coming soon) to create the ability to engage in real life learning challenges.

MindRising Overview

MindRising is a design-based learning platform using creative digital technologies including Minecraft. We focus on creating open learning challenges across a range of topics including Smart Cities and Smart Living, Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship, Health & Happiness. We give students the opportunity to developer 21st century skills (21CLD – collaboration, knowledge construction, self-regulation, real-world problem-solving and innovation, the use of ICT for learning  and skilled communications) in an immersive, inclusive and imaginative environment.

About Gar Mac Críosta:

Gar Mac Críosta is co-founder of MindRising. In Gar’s other life he has 20+ years, working in the areas in the areas of business model innovation, digital strategy, architecture and organizational effectiveness (lean/agile) across a variety of industries. His work as a digital architect, instructor and speaker has taken him around the world.  Gar is a certified architect professional (IASA CITAP), a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and Certified Lego® Serious Play Facilitator. Gar has served on the board of the Irish Computer Society and the Board of Iasa Global.


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