Fiona Curran Lonergan: Role of Technology in Inclusive Public Engagement – The Future

Fiona Curran Lonergan

Topic: Role of Technology in Inclusive Public Engagement – The Future

With stronger requirements for public consultation across all sectors and stages of policy and project development, Fiona proposes to look at current and emerging trends used to consult and engage with the public on a range of topics and projects.  Technology brings many challenges for policy makers / project developers as does the need to ensure that all demographics are aware and have access to consultation opportunities regardless of their nationality, age group, education, personal circumstances, location, etc. She will discuss how technology is changing how we interact with society to capture their viewpoints and is creating greater levels of awareness, interaction and participation in public consultation. Fíona will discuss the future role of technology and the importance of engaging with people through an appropriate suite of communications tools to achieve inclusive societal engagement that enables all of society to participate in decision making.


About Fíona and RPS Project Communications

Fíona is an Associate in RPS Project Communications – a dedicated team of communications specialists who devise and deliver public information campaigns, public consultation and stakeholder engagement strategies for a variety of topics throughout Ireland and Europe. The team comprises a unique blend of communications specialists with combined backgrounds and experience in engineering, environmental science, planning, linguistics, public affairs, politics and marketing. Using their insight, passion and knowledge of specialist topics, they strive to create public dialogue using a variety of formats with the aim of making information accessible to both technical and non-technical audiences. Fíona delivers public and stakeholder engagement services including facilitation and capture of citizen’s viewpoints during national public consultation events. Sectors in which Fíona has managed public consultation and engagement to date include Health, Environment, Water and Wastewater, Waste Management Policy, Transport and Energy Infrastructure projects.

Fiona’s blog buddy is Myles McHugh

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