Camille Donegan: Virtual Reality - Theatre of the Future

Camille Donegan

"We are in the midst of a transformation, from a world of screens and devices to a world of immersive experiences" Brian Krzanich - CEO Intel 2014

Camille Donegan will look at why a blend of both physical and digital realms is key in creating truly immersive experiences. She believes theatre makers have the skills to create innovative and engaging VR and AR experiences. Through her Dublin VR meetup, Camille brokers conversations between artists, technologists and academics. She sees that the collaborative projects that will come from this group will be positively influenced from the cross-disciplinary nature of the minds in the room.

Camille is a Virtual Reality consultant and content producer with 15 year parallel careers in both the arts (theatre, film, radio) and technology.

Alongside trying most of the available Virtual Reality demos at European conferences,  she has been researching VR interactivity and human behaviour for two years.  She is interested in how Virtual Reality will impact our experiences at work and at play.

For more information see VR Camille, Alive Productions and Facebook 

Camile’s blog buddy is Gerry Owens

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