Ben Foulkes: The Digital Divide

Ben Foulkes

Topic: The Digital Divide

Everything is now available on demand. Order your dinner, have your dry cleaning picked up and your living room painted whilst getting an uber - it's productivity on steroids, 'enabling' us to work ever longer hours...

And what about those on the other side of the digital divide? Are we responsible for creating a race to the bottom amongst those with nothing left to offer than their own time? What is the career path for a task-rabbiter? Who is responsible for providing their social security, health benefits and holidays? Is working hour flexibility the benefit that Uber, Deliveroo and other digital unicorns claim it is?

Do we want a society divided between the digital 'haves' - the asset rich, time poor digital masters, and the digital-dependents, scrambling to earn a living wage through running around serving the digital elite's micro-tasks?

And if not - how do we use digital to shape a different, more Utopian future?

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