Andrew Lovatt: Is the future what we make it?

andrew lovatt

Topic: Is the future what we make it?

In the mid-90s I published an e-zine, remember those? It was called Ireland's Internet Future, or IFF for short. And it was very popular. Then well-known players in the emerging Irish internet gave their views on our future. Then that future caught up with us and swept us along to where we are today. And here we are again, with Cong16 putting on the binoculars to look and see, what's going on.

In the past 20 years there's been a complete take-over of what was the free world wide web. There's nothing much free today. All channels have been "monetized". Nothing of scale happens on the net today without massive financial backing and a marketing plan. Today, it is no longer the "web" it is the "network". And it comes to you through any device, like the handy smartphone in our pockets.

In this post I'll put on my futurist hat and squint once more at the emerging and perhaps less seen future.

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