Ruairi Kavanagh. Topic: The Power of the Dark Side:


This is Ruairi’s second Congregation.  See his 2014 post on social media as a weapn.

Ruairi Kavanagh, Grad Ireland

The last 10 years have seen a revolution in interception technology, where we have gone from tactical interception to strategic interception. Tactical interception is where particular individuals become of interest to the state or its friends: activists, drug dealers, and so on. Their phones are intercepted, their email communication is intercepted, their friends are intercepted, and so on. We’ve gone from that situation to strategic interception, where everything flowing out of or into a country – and for some countries domestically as well – is intercepted and stored permanently. Permanently. It’s more efficient to take and store everything than it is to work out who you want to intercept.

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