Pauline Madigan.  Topic: Right 2 Write

‘Right the write’.  

As an educator whose graduates are being employed in the social media space, initial findings from my recent doctorate work show immense concern amongst practitioners in industry in relation to literacy skills.  Has text/facebook/twitter and all other social media channels just exasperated the issue?  Or does it matter anymore?  Hope to ‘c u’ in Cong. 

About Pauline.

Pauline Madigan is a lecturer in Public Relations, Public Affairs and Sponsorship and Media Management in Carlow at the Institute of Technology in Sport.  She is currently in the final throes of her doctorate in education which is analysing (interpretively) practitioner perspectives on the status of the Public Relations profession in Ireland with particular emphasis on third-level education as preparation for employment in Public Relations in Ireland.  She has no choice but to have an interest in social media, but believes that communicators should never deviate from their core job which is ultimately to ‘Listen. Then tell a story and keep engaging’.  She uses twitter to teach and loves the engagement of learning that the social media space is giving.  She is looking forward to attending #cong15 and discussing a core issue that she has found in her preliminary doctorate research in relation to literacy skills.  Her twitter handle is @paulinemadigan and the twitter handle used in lectures is @ITCPReducation 

Blog Buddy.

Pauline’s blog buddy is Roseanne Smith.

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