Paul Cawley.  Topic: Can the social sharing of wearable tech impriove our health?


Paul works in digital marketing, offering Search Engine Optimisation and web analytics services. Working with businesses producing digital strategies he gets to combine his passion for creativity with a love of numerical analysis. As a Mayo native and a glutton for punishment, he's also a big GAA fan. 

Paul was diagnosed as a Type 1 Insulin Dependant Diabetic at the age of nine and has applied the analytical tools of his day job and general enjoyment of nerding it up with numbers to assist in the monitoring and control of his diabetes. As the technology available to monitor our activity continually improves and our ability to share that data on various social platforms opens new doors, he's keen to see how it can help improve treatment for him and others.

Blog Buddy.

Paul’s blog buddy is Declan Clancy.

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