Auveen O’Neill: Chair

This is Auveen's second time to act as a chair for Congregation.

About Auveen.

I am an engineer with an MBA .

I worked in export sales and marketing roles for 15 years for lifescience and engineering companies. My expertise is in selling into large Companies, both public and private. I am familiar with public sector tendering and have been successful in securing tenders for my own Consultancy business and for 3rd party companies.

I was a co-founder of a ready meals food business in 2003, departing in 2006, this was the most challenging time of my working life. It gave me real insight into the issues and struggles facing start-ups.

I was an EI mentor, before tendering for the contract for Mentor Coordinator for the Lifescience and Cleantechnology sectors.

I have been an EI mentor coordinator for 5 years, and during that time have facilitated the matching of approx 500 CEOs/founders in Enterprise Ireland supported companies with mentors from the EI panel.

I think everything is about selling. Someone said recently to me that “Life is a Pitch” – it certainly is – we pitch for everything from jobs, to supply contracts, to partners, to potential landlords, to investors, to customers, to potential mentors etc etc etc. i.e. we are selling in all situations. And I believe the key to successful selling is empathy –see the world as the other person and you are well on the way to a sale.

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